Forum Catering and Party Service
Events and Gastronomy c. 1995
Forum Catering and Party Service
Events and Gastronomy c. 1995
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As a catering service provider, Forum Rendezvényszolgáltató Kft. has been present in the world of events for more than two decades. 

Our goal is to provide quality catering services as well as a special gastronomic experience for our guests, all at a fair price. Our many years of experience in the field of hospitality, our flexible and guest-oriented attitude is guaranteed by our partners to provide you with maximum satisfaction and to gain your trust. For us, from the kitchen to the table, from the chefs to the waiters, our goal in all cases is a long-term and personal partnership. All our colleagues are happy to be at the disposal of the guests; with us, the guests truly come first. 

Quality gastronomy, professional service, reliability will always be our core values. All this and our attention to detail are what
represents our exceptional hospitality!

András Pál

Catering Services

During our events, we primarily of er a full range of catering industry services, during which, in accordance with the customer’s preferences, in addition to serving quality food and drinks, we try to fulfill all needs and special requests to make the event truly special.
The main motivating force of our success is the demanding creative work, the realization of the perfect gastronomic experience. Based on our experience, we are happy to provide advice and suggestions to our customers, both in the selection of food and beverage and in the development of the right conditions. We ensure the maintenance of reliable standards and quality through the constant training of our team, professional research, learning about new trends, optimizing our logistics system and continuously developing our equipment.


Wedding dinners and buffets

Family gatherings

(garden parties, christenings, anniversaries, surprise parties)

Banquets, school reunions

We have had countless wedding dinners over the years, From 40 to 180 people, both indoors and outdoors. Our fully equipped restaurants are the perfect venue for family events or gatherings of friends.


Corporate events (sitting or standing)

Gala dinners

Work lunches (cocktails, sandwiches)

Press catering, exhibit openings

University catering

The most frequently implemented catering service of ers hot and cold dishes from a buffet table or in the form of a plate service.


Conference planning services

Coffee breaks

Conference locations

Technical services

Our company is an active participant in the domestic conference catering market, but we also of er a full range of conferences, with venues, catering and the provision of technical equipment.

Sample Menus

Culinary sciences and traditions play an important role in our work, which we diligently and committedly seek to explore and master. By selecting and using traditional ingredients, we can recall the tastes of our childhood, while also surprising, thanks to our interest in the varied Hungarian cuisine. We can prepare a lot of forgotten, yet traditional food for our dear guests. Our passion for specialties knows no boundaries, so we spice up and expand our selection with the flavors of exciting and distinctive gastronomic cultures. We close the end of our meals with our excellent and constantly evolving desserts, which not only are visually delightful, but also speak for themselves with their special taste world.

Coffee Break

Sandwich Lunch

Cold cut buffet

-still or sparkling water
-fruit juices
-coffee, cappuccino, caf eine free cof ee
-tea selection with honey and lemon
-cheese, potato or nut pogacsa
-tea cookies

-ewe spread canapes with celery
-chicken canapes with red onion jam
-eggplant spread bites with fresh vegetables
-smoked pork canapes with creamy horseradish
-Bugaci paprika salami canape with tomato salsa
-ewe spread canapes with hard boiled eggs
-duck liver bites with blueberry jam
-mixed mini retes
-cold farmer’s cheese with peach and mint

-dried fruit stuf ed chicken breast with Waldorf salad
-rosemary chicken thigh with potato salad
-chili-yogurt mozzarella with honey basil dressing
-mini meat and cheese balls with garden salad
-herb chicken with salad and honey mustard sauce
-caesar salad with grilled chicken and parmesan
-greek salad with rainbow olives and fresh basil
-strawberry farmer’s cheese pudding with ginger chocolate sauce
-”Somloi Galuska”

Buffet lunch

Formal Dinner

-goulash soup
-mint and pea soup with toasted seeds
-pesto chicken thighs with grilled vegetables and rice with arugula
-beer braised pork with champagne cabbage and onion crushed potatoes
-red wine and mushroom beef with potato rosti
-spinach ricotta lasagne squares with cheese
-green salad with roquefort and yogurt, baked walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette
-tzatziki salad with sun dried tomatoes
-tiramisu with almonds
-fruit salad

-complimentary glass of Torley sparkling wine
-mozzarella slices with basil jelly and garden arugula salad
-chicken soup with julienne vegetables and noodles
-rose pork medallions with pepper sauce and princess potatoes
-vegetable mushroom risotto with smoked cheese
-mini farmer’s cheese balls with an almond crumb and vanilla sour cream sauce
-wine selection from the Laposa and Konyari wineries

Our Restaurant

We opened our first restaurant in „prehistoric times”, on September 30, 1995, with the goal of providing hospitality to our visiting guests in a pleasant and family atmosphere, free from all unnecessary frills. Hospitality, where the food is made from perfect and fresh ingredients, the drinks are flawless in both quality and service, where the guest can truly feel a guest and spend pleasant hours in the company of their family or friends. Since then, the world has changed a lot, and with it the demands placed on restaurants. Due to the accelerated lifestyle, both fast but quality meals and home delivery have added to our repertoire.

Loyola Café and Lounge

Today, our company’s main base, Loyola Café, is located in the heart of the city center, in the Palace District. 

At lunchtime, we offer home-style dishes in a buffet menu, but the Café is also excellent for meetings and gatherings of friends. We of er friendly, direct service and great food and drinks all at great prices In addition, we can provide private rooms equipped with all appliances. 

Loyola Café is child-friendly due to its design and equipment, making it excellent for various children’s programs. 

We organize “Pizza-school” for 5-10
year olds where kids can learn the tricks of making pizza, this is a sure favorite at birthday parties!

Contact Information:

Loyola Café and Lounge
1085 Budapest, Horánszky st. 20.
Phone: +36-70-77-24-333


Forum Pizza suli

Forum Restaurant and Pizzeria

Our pizzeria and restaurant in Kispest had been a cult favorite for a long time in the South Pest region. The restaurant is currently closed, however, we plan to reopen in the near future since many of our guests spent memorable moments with us back in the good old
days. Countless memories of proposals, family celebrations and meetings of friends are associated with the restaurant.

Contact Information:

Forum Étterem and Pizzéria
1196 Budapest, Hunyadi u. 49.
Phone: +36-1-282-3675


We also cater at institutions, primarily at universities in the Palace District. In addition to the buffet service, we are a
continuous catering provider for events and happenings at universities. We have established a high-quality long-term
cooperation with both the Péter Pázmány Catholic University and the Károli Gáspár Reformed University.

Crusty Crab" Cafe

The famous Pázmány Péter Catholic University’s Law department enjoys a wide selection of delicious snacks and beverages.

Contact Information:

„Crusty Crab” Cafe
1085 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28.


„Cantineum” Cafe

Our latest gem in the Mikszáth Square, where excellent coffee specialties and sandwiches awaits the students and teachers of the
Faculty of Arts of the Péter Pázmány Catholic University.

Contact Information:

„Cantineum” Cafe
1084 Budapest, Mikszáth square 1.


„Philosopher's Stone” Cafe

This cafe is located at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University in both the old and new buildings. In both units we await our guests with delicious pastries, confectionery, fresh salads and excellent coffee. Of particular interest is the beautifully renovated Károlyi-Csekonics building of the university palace, which can be an elegant venue for events.

Contact Information:

„Bölcsek Köve” Cafe
1084 Budapest, Reviczky st. 4-6.
Phone: +36-70-77-24-333

Cold cuts, salads, sandwiches

Within the framework of the catering service, our company has been dealing with the production of cold kitchen products for a long time. Our sandwiches and cold dishes are made by colleagues with outstanding professional and aesthetics, each bowl and sandwich are individually composed “masterpieces”. In line with the emerging market needs, our guests have the opportunity to pre-order such products, which we also deliver to your home upon request. Our cold dishes are served on a salad base and are made up of 12-15 delicacies. Of course, in addition to the meat options, vegetarian, allergen-free bowls are also available. Our salads range from traditional mayonnaise-based salads to compound salads made with fresh vegetables. Our selection of sandwiches is similarly wide, and on request we pay special attention to avoiding various allergenic ingredients. Our sandwiches are available in both gluten and lactose
free versions.

Contact Information:

Forum Catering – Cold Kitchen

Phone: +36-70-77-666-03


References and Strategic Partners

Over the years, many celebrities have visited our restaurants, but we have also organized numerous events for individuals, companies
and government organizations. We can say that during this long period, all our customers have been satisfied with our service, and
therefore vote for our company with confidence again and again. Some of the companies that use our services:


Strategic Partners

Contact Information and Online Requests


Forum Catering


+36 70 77-666-03


Upon your request, we will prepare our price proposal within a short time, with suggestions for additional services!
Our colleagues will outline the possibilities related to the event in a personal meeting!

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